About Torch

The name Torch has become very familiar in the biker community over the past 5 years. He made his debut at Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis 2012 where he made a name for himself. While living in Dallas, Torch came up on hard times and ended up with nothing but his motorcycle and a duffle bag of clothes. Finding Christ in 2010, he exited the industry he was in as a male dancer, and started Paul Mitchell Dallas looking to turn his life around. Upon getting back from Sturgis 2012, the salon he was working at cut his hours putting him at rock bottom. This was the point when Torch decided to chase the fire dream. 2013 taking off on his bike with nothing but his fire toys, tent, duffle bag on his bike he took off with 9 rallies in 8 states booked. 2013 ended with nearly 40 events under the belt and feature publications in numerous magazines and newspapers including Easy Riders Magazine. He was also part of the hit reality show Full Throttle Saloon. Driven with faith and a hunger for success, Torch has taken his dreams into reality creating his show Torch’s Rock N Roll Inferno. After riding nearly 250k miles from 2013-2016 and meeting his beautiful fiancĂ©e Heather Spitfire along the way his show and fan base has grown tremendously. Now touring in a van and trailer has made it possible to add bigger and badder props to create the greatest fire show in the country while Heather performs beside him.


-As seen on Full Throttle Saloon and Trutv

-As seen on Travel Channel Sturgis Raw

-Featured In various magazines:

Including a two page spread in the world famous Easyriders Magazine, Baggers Magazine, Born To Ride magazine, Thunder Press magazine, Thunder Roads, Full Throttle magazine and others nation wide.

Written Publications

  • 2012 Pinkys Motorcycle Passion magazine
  • Full throttle Carolinas magazine
  • Born to Ride magazine
  • Thunder Press magazine
  • Thunder Roads magazine Myrtle Beach
  • The Sun News newspaper Daytona news journal 2014
  • Easyriders magazine January edition
  • Grensburg Daily Newspaper
  • Tampa Tribune and others Nation Wide

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